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Smart Enough to Co-Exist with You

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Smart Seed Capsules

make it so simple.
​Just Plug it in
and See What Happens.

Smart Seed capsules with planting data communicate with PLANTBOXⓒ to create the very proper planting environment with 'know-how' .

PLANTBOXⓒ has autonomous control system to fit water, light, temperature and nutrients conditions on the right greens you want to grow.

Stay fun, grow it easy and enjoy the freshness!

* University-industrial research Project on-going

 with Seoul National University


Not Everyone Can Be a Farmer.

It is okay though you have no idea

on how to grow greens.

PLANTBOXⓒ will make your garden smart and friendly.
Put your worries down and enjoy the fun gardening life.


Meet us at Korea Electronic Show 2019

2019 10.8 - 10.11  COEX

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